A course to support newly admitted PhD students, group 1

The course aim to strengthen and support PhD-students to lead themselves and to manage high performance demands and stress. Furthermore, the course aim to provide PhD-students with productivity and stress management tools and provide opportunities for exchange with other PhD-students. The course has a promoting perspective focusing on personal development.

The course will be conducted via Zoom during the fall semester of 2021.



Being a PhD-student can be exciting and complicated at the same time, with unique challenges relating to the role as a PhD student: Some PhD-students work alone on their dissertation with their supervisor as the only support, while others work in research groups with common goals. It is characteristic for most people that life as a PhD-student is often perceived as pressing with high demands on achievement.
Stockholm University has therefore developed two courses for PhD-students.

The course concern the challenges and the high performance demands that PhD-students may experience and provide PhD-students with hands-on tools to deal with the challenges that they may encounter in their doctoral studies. More precisely, during the course, you will get access to academic productivity tools and preventative stress management tools to help you finish on time and feel well during your studies.

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Content group one

(newly admitted doctoral students)

  • The doctoral role and setting goals for the doctoral program
  • Project management: From what to how - How to write a dissertation and finish on time
  • Academic productivity tools: 80/20; end-product focus; unit-method
  • Academic writing and feedback
  • Knowledge and advice about stress and stress management
  • To be an employee and simultaneously a student
  • Equal conditions during the PhD studies
  • Create networks between doctoral students




September 159.00-12.00Åsa Burman, Finish on Time
September 2713.00-16.00Jörgen Pellbäck, Feelgood
October 129.00-12.00Åsa Burman, Finish on Time
October 259.00-12.00Åsa Burman, Finish on Time
November 119.00-12.00Parasto Rosencrantz, HR-departement
November 299.00-12.00Åsa Burman, Finish on Time




Group one: Newly admitted PhD-students


In the selection of participants, we strive for a group with equal gender distribution and research area distribution. 

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Other information

There are limited number of seats and a waiting list. When you sign up for this course you sign up for the whole course. Participation at all 6 times above is expected. In the selection of participants, we strive for a group with equal gender distribution and area of study



The course is free of charge

Number of seats 
There is a total of 30 places

Program manager: 
Karin Steffensen, Human Resources Office karin.steffensen@su.se
Program administrator: 
Anna Wase, Human Resources Office, anna.wase@su.se