To let things unfold by catching the centre

Invitation to a 7-day habitat for sharing - by Cecilia Roos and Jan Burkhardt.

The week is structured around different themes. On each day of the programme, collaborators are invited to contribute with some of their practice. Welcome to sign up and meet Sigal Zouk, Mira Mutka, Rebecca Hilton, Manon Santkin, Peter Mills, Anna Lindal, Cecilia Roos and Jan Burkhardt.

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Måndag 15 maj: Sigal Zouk

Tisdag 16 maj: Mira Mutka

Onsdag 17 maj: Rebecca Hilton

Torsdag 18 maj: Manon Santkin

Fredag 19 maj: Peter Mills

Lördag 20 maj: Anna Lindal,

Söndag 21 maj: Cecilia Roos and Jan Burkhardt

Fri entré:0,00 kr
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