Eleanor Bauer’s Public Defence

The public defence of Eleanor Bauer’s doctoral project "choreo | graphy"

Martin Hargreaves

Examination committee  
Sher Doruff
Jeroen Fabius
Jenn Joy
John-Paul Zaccarini (deputy)

Principal supervisor  
Juliette Mapp

Chrysa Parkinson

Chair of defence: 

Cecilia Roos, Head of Research Center

Frame for the Public Defence:

Welcome by the Head of department.
Chair opens and introduces. 
Respondent’s (doctoral candidate’s) short introduction to the project.
Opponent’s summary of the artistic research project.
Opponent + respondent discussion.
Short break.
Committee’s questions followed by the audience’s questions.
Second break where the Examination committee have their meeting.

When the committee is ready: the Chair gathers the audience and candidate;
The result is proclaimed by the leader of the Examination Committee.

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