Course on Security Sector Reform (SSR)

Date: 2018-03-19 - 2018-03-23 | Last application date: 2018-01-12

Security Sector Reform (SSR) aims to improve the safety of women, men, girls and boys through a more effective, affordable, accountable and transparent security sector. It places technical reforms in a political process where local ownership is key. SSR is an essential part of conflict prevention and peacebuilding around the world in current national processes and through international support. The FBA offers a one-week SSR course for mid-level to senior practitioners where the conceptual approaches are combined with practical examples and methods for improved results.

Throughout this five-day course, participants will explore the concept of SSR, building on democratic principles, human rights, gender equality and the rule of law. Experts and experienced practitioners will share theory and practical case studies to illustrate the comprehensive process of SSR. Specific technical areas and program approaches will be highlighted within the context of the wider, holistic process of reform. The challenges and opportunities arising in post-conflict situations will be discussed and analyzed with a focus on sustainable reforms, local ownership and political commitment.

The sessions will include the following topics:

  • Objectives, principles and process of SSR
  • International and regional frameworks and approaches to SSR
  • National security architecture and the role of non-state actors
  • Gender-responsive SSR
  • Current challenges and future trends of SSR
  • Tools for SSR analyses and assessments
  • Specific country and sector case studies and scenario-based group exercises

Learning objectives

  • Explain the concept of SSR, its objectives, principles and processes;
  • Recognize the political dimension of SSR and discuss the importance of democratic oversight
  • Analyze the political dimension of SSR
  • Discuss the importance of democratic control and accountability
  • Analyze local and national contexts through an SSR perspective
  • Describe international and regional policy frameworks and approaches regarding SSR
  • Apply tools and methods for SSR analyses and assessments
As co-learning is an essential part of this course, participants are expected to share experience and knowledge.

Target group

Experienced participants from a variety of SSR-related professions and organizations.


Folke Bernadotte Academy

Course/Activity fee

The course fee is 10 000 SEK. It includs VAT 25% (approx. EUR 1150) and covers full board and accommodation. Costs for travel will be at the expense of the participant. Participants are expected to arrive in Sandö on Sunday 18 March as the course will begin Sunday evening.


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